Direct Medical Solutions Corp. (DMS) is an innovative national direct contract sales organization (CSO) product launch pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device sales company. We deploy high caliber salespeople and innovative marketing strategies to change the way pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries market and launch new products. DMS provides a targeted marketing approach for any company selling to the Healthcare Industry.

Direct Medical Solutions' ideology behind our primary product line is to offer less invasive patient support care and diagnostic testing for a preventative and holistic approach to medicine.

Direct Medical Solutions offers customized marketing packages to suit all your commercial needs. Our areas of focus include:
  • Strategic Market Analysis
  • Market Penetration Analysis
  • Custom Sales Deployment (including spot coverage)
  • Targeted Market Launch Strategies
  • Incentive Compensation Modeling
  • Training

Direct Medical Solutions specializes in effective, economical solutions to your unique needs and provides immediate market access, broader market penetration, and a multi-faceted, multi-skilled sales team.

Direct Medical Solutions Corp strives to develop “partner confidence and trust” with our strategic partners by building a cooperative, strong and transparent sales deployment system as your sales organization.